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Dreams of an Absolution Theme of Silver Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Music Extended


DeeMon avatar

Tuesday tunes, dood. Everybody be talking about the Sonic movie.

In other news, I actually found a physical Xenoblade Chronicles. It uses the same save file as the eShop version, thankfully. Makes me wonder if physical Torna would be the same thing. Is it? Does anybody know?


But damn, the reversable insert sure is a piece of art. Sorry for glare, too lazy to scan.


So I found some free time to count my amiibo. I don't know why I would need free time, it doesn't even take that long. Anyway, my count is at 98. What the frig is wrong with me? I need to stop. My cupboard is already full.

0 June 5, 2019

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