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Can't believe I bought the first Bayonetta game 3 times now. It's up there with Symphony of the Night. As you can see, the different disc art + amiibo. Wii U version has good view, dood. Bayonetta for Nintendo Switch is a digital download only type of thing.

And real quick, here's the difference in box art for Bayonetta 2. The US Wii U version was different from the rest, but now it's fixed for the Switch. The red number 2 was just so out of place. People did complain about it.


And finally, the disc art/sticker art for Bayonetta 2 + amiibo, and also showing the reversable insert inside. I kinda prefer the disc. One more thing to point out, the disc art is different from the box art for Wii U. Yeah, that was very strange.


You have my full support, Cereza. Looking forward to 3rd installment, and maybe another amiibo.

In other news, Xenoblade Chronicle 2's 1.3 update has been delayed until March 2nd. I was excited and been waiting all day, but this delay crushed me, dood. But not all is lost, Nintendo gave everyone a pretty good Valentine's day present for Fire Emblem Warriors. More grinding and more broken armors, dood.

Nintendo Bayonetta

0 February 17, 2018

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how's the Switch one?

Reply February 19, 2018

@syrup Haven't tried it yet, too busy with other games. I heard the frame rate is a lot better. And there's something about Bayonetta 3 secrets within the amiibo or something. I dunno, I didn't want to spoil myself so I don't know much about it yet. Damn you, GameXplain.

reply February 19, 2018

Bayo 1+2 is a day one purchase for me!...once I actually pick up a switch lol

Reply February 18, 2018

Congratulations! Celebrate with a cheese calzone!

Reply February 17, 2018