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Lost Painting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Music Extended


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Tuesday tunes, dood. So, it's been a month since Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I've been a bit confused why Simon, a newcomer, got an echo fighter, Richter. Alucard would have been a better choice than Richter. Is it because of laziness? It can't be because Alucard is from Symphony of the Night, a Playstation game, he has been in Nintendo platform games, Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse and Dawn of Sorrow as a playable character. Well, Masahiro Sakurai said it himself, can't please everyone with the roster.

I finished World of Light 100%, I dunno what to say about it, it was worse than Subspace Emissary, that's for sure.
Got 873 tunes so far, I'm sure there's a lot more than that, and even more with the DLC fighters later on.
Btw, the Repeat Song feature actually loops the tune without fading out near the end. It's so much better than Google Play, or iTunes, or whatever else you usually use for your tunes. It really is Ultimate.

0 January 8, 2019

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Castlevania is Quasar's favorite video game music! Lament of Innocence is Quasar's favorite smash ultimate rendition of Castlevania music.

Reply January 10, 2019

Does the game bring much to the table than the previous one(s)?

Reply January 10, 2019

@captain Well, more characters, but lack of modes. No event battles, no break the targets, no board the platforms, no homerun contest, NO SMASH RUN, a lot of stuff is missing. Spirits, in a way, replaced trophies. World of Light is just 600+ battles with different conditions, like heavy wind, the floor is lava, stamina battles, defeat the main character to win, and so on. It just feels very monotonous. It's only Ultimate because every character ever is here, and also the good tunes.

reply January 10, 2019