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Player 2 amiibo, dood. I made sure to take the pic at a bit higher angle so you could see their lips this time!
Wasn't expecting these until the next two weeks, but I guess it's a nice birthday month surprise. As you might have noticed, these are the Japanese ones. Yes, I ordered these from there, Canada just doesn't have anything, dood. Kamui does sound a lot better than Corrin.

Cloud - Player 2 amiibo is by far the coolest (and sexiest?) amiibo ever, dood.


Also, something I wish I did at the start of collecting amiibo, was to save the background box art. I've been watching Lamarr Wilson unbox these things like a madman, so I didn't give it much thought at first, but now I kind of regret it. Oh well, it's just a piece of cardboard. It would have been nice to collect those too, dood.


If you're wondering what those wires are behind the thing, just chargers, AC adapter thing, data transfer wire thing and a headphone thing, dood.

There's just one more amiibo that I ordered and she's on her way. I guess you can say, she's out of this world, dood.
She's literally like finding a specific space dust in a vast galaxy, dood.

0 August 30, 2017

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Congratulations! Enjoy your purchase with cottage cheese with pineapple in it!

Reply August 31, 2017

That Cloud one is indeed very dope lol. I always wanted to get into collecting figures like this but I dont have money/level of investment into the hobby.

Reply August 30, 2017

yeah, what @Helpingly said. So many insane toy figures out there...

reply August 31, 2017

that's quite the collection! How many you have now?

Reply August 30, 2017