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How're you all doing!? Long time no chat

Thought I'd share a quick update about a snappier, leaner, BZL that I'm hoping to launch some time this year. Have a look and let me know your thoughts.

Don't mind the url, it's just a place to test things out and the data is kind of old, but just there to give you an idea of how it looks/works. Chat

August 21, 2019

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where hav u been this whole year? also, i couldnt access my past pic in basilmarket :c

Reply August 21, 2019

hey @Daimaohz! Long time no chat. >.<

tbh, I've been busy trying to make ends meet. Lots of work and not enough time to focus on enjoyable things like this site. I do check the art and have really enjoyed seeing the community going strong!!

How've you been?

You say there's an issue with basilmarket? Can you clarify please?

reply August 22, 2019

@captain ive been good, just resigned from my workplace a month ago due to some higher position abused their place.
anyways, i tried look back into my drawings in basil. Apparently i can only view until from latest to 2015's. I couldnt get access the post from b4 that

reply August 23, 2019