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Plans for the weekend? Sep 30 Edition

Question Chat

captain avatar

Hey everyone. What're you up to the final weekend in September?

It's gotten quite chilly here! Going to try and make the most of it before it's too late... *gulp*

11 597 Sep 2017


privateereck avatar

Work all weekend but attempt to make another bucc video for maplestory.

2 Sep 2017
Kaneki avatar

celebrating by staying in bed and sleeping !

Sep 2017
Helpingly avatar

First weekend after coming back to Uni so lots of chilling with friends.

1 Sep 2017
Daimaohz avatar

well work? n sleep after work
as for @kaneki's plan its not styaing in bed n sleeping, she prolly dm-ing me every single minute to convince me to move to bera

1 Sep 2017
FriedClams avatar

I had a chicken sausage with sauerkraut and German potato salad! I also had a bag of maple kettle corn!

1 Oct 2017
syrup avatar

@FriedClams oh you lost me at chicken sausage and then reeled me back in with the german potato salad. *swoon*

Oct 2017
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