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BARx ChipTune Chiptunes Dungeon Korg Music NES NickBarra Synthesizer VGM
Gameplay, Nintendo, Triforce, LOZBOTW, Amiibo The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass - Youtube
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MizuiChan: Yeah, I know what you mean. Day 1 DLC sort of seems a little fishy to me and my bank account xD
Multiplayer, SuperMario, MarioKart, Handheld, Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer - Youtube
FriedClams: $300 will buy you a lot of cannolis.
EternalMemory: Thinking about this(and this is only me), a console(or whatever platform! It can even be a PC!) is good if it has good-games. That is why I prefer the Xbox-One over a PS4, because Xbox-One has the Forza-series(and even the Horizon) that has transferable-progress of Livery-Designs that you have sank so much hours-on, in order to create atleast your own Gallery that you take pride on. Not to mention that game is massive and has economy! About the yearly-fee, I would rather pay that! Whereas PS4, I would rather play FFXIV: ARR in the PC-Platform for better functionality, and the exclusive FFXV sucks!If you can justify to me good long-term games in this console(even atleast one), I might give it a look, but sorry, I'm gonna have to pass for now. I would rather invest that $300 on Paying to-Progress in Revelation Online to be spent on Ausgyths(whatever way to bypass it) and Phlogistons. To be honest, I am a person who plays games for Progress and Rewards. This is my way of enjoying a game as well as a community ofcourse. Im gonna pass, sorry. I will stick to my plan of Revelation Online to Bless Online. By the time Bless Online comes out, I'm already 79 on my Swordmage and is grinding to cap my Mule.
Gameplay, Gamespot, Nintendo, Plateau, Games First 17 Minutes on Nintendo Switch - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Youtube
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syrup: awesome! Reminds me a bit of Wind Waker. Loves it.
FriedClams: While you wait for the game to be released, enjoy some fish tacos!
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