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Addicted to milk tea ☕️ and coding ⌨️. Lover of all games, currently on #MapleStory.

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I've been game hopping a bit recently - but we're just trying to find a game that both of us enjoy (my partner and I). Right now we've moved to #Diablo3. Neither of us have played D3 before (although we have played previous Diablo iterations as well as Path of Exile). We're having a lot more fun so far, and this is more my partners style as well. I'm running a #wizard and he's on #barbarian. We are going through the campaign on Expert difficultly using non-seasonal characters. #playing #PC #OSXGaming

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Destiny 2 has launched! I played for about an hour last night at midnight release and it was amazing. The first introductory story mission felt robust and full of action, a far cry from the story-lacking first iteration of Destiny. Before the game began though they played some slides of my Destiny 1 memories and it was honestly heartwarming to go back down memory lane. On September 24th 2014, we began our Destiny journey. 3 years later and we are ready for the next.