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#HorizonZeroDawn is probably one of the best console single-player games released in the last 10 years. It has an engaging story, absolutely breathtaking world design, and interesting side quests and adventures. I pumped about 50 hours into it over three weekends and have achieved 100% completion according to the in-game progress counter and unlocked all PS4 trophies. Anyone who was sitting on the fence about this game should jump off and get it. Worth every cent. #playing #PS4

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Sunk a few hours #playing #Skyforge on #PS4 over the weekend. It's a lot simpler than I remember, they've totally redone the class system and I ended up maxing out all three of my starter classes in a few hours. Apparently to unlock other classes it's 3 million credits, at first I thought this was pretty outrageous; but grinding 3m is probably going to be on-par with the time it took to reach the class nodes in the old Atlas system.