I've been game hopping a bit recently - but we're just trying to find a game that both of us enjoy (my partner and I).

Right now we've moved to . Neither of us have played D3 before (although we have played previous Diablo iterations as well as Path of Exile).

We're having a lot more fun so far, and this is more my partners style as well. I'm running a and he's on . We are going through the campaign on Expert difficultly using non-seasonal characters.

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@EternalMemory - yes we are looking for a game we both enjoy.

I mean I get what you're saying - and the consensus is the same from what I've read online - we need to get to level 50+ to experience it properly. Personally, I think that's a bad model. Why should I have to get to the end before I experience the game? It should be engaging and enjoyable from start to finish.

It's all good though, I think Diablo III will be better for us as we can jump in, and run through the Campaign together from the get-go. It's also more my partners style, he's not a huge fan of MMORPG's like RO, but he did really enjoy Tera so I thought we'd give it a go!

I have been looking at Bless online actually! I just saw your post about it as well. We will definitely keep an eye on it.
I've been meaning to give BDO a try as well.. It looks fabulous.. Maybe after we're done with D3!

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So you are game-hopping to find the right-game? I cannot do much about Revelation Online, seems like it didn't turned-out well for you, but one thing is certain; you didn't get to experienced it because you are too low-level. Not even 49 and Geared with a single-Gold. Really, the point where it starts for you to enjoy it(and experience it), is level 5x-something. You haven't participated in a single TW (and you will get 1-shotted there with your progress), so I can't really say that you experienced this game at all. It didn't turned out well, I understand, for a reason that you are too low-level to experience the contents of this game and what it has to offer.
I hope you find the right-game for you and your partner. I recommend you to keep an eye on Bless Online, however it may turn out, and for the meantime, take a look at these games according to order; Black Desert Online, Archeage(their newest-Server). Either one of the 2, but I highly recommend BDO, you just gonna invest money in it to catch-up such as your Awakening-Gears, it will turn out that you will come to love it and stay there forever. Immersion is what it has to offer, Traditional-MMO, and no Instances, not to mention it's Graphics and very deep contents and customization.

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