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The new (old? I've been on vacation for 8 weeks) top bar colour is absolutely hideous :'| Purple to yellow gradient?
2 9 41 August 9


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captain 272
Hey, welcome back, hope you had fun? Where'd you go?

I appreciate the honesty. I don't think you're alone. But I think it's bold and wanted to try something new. What's a better match in your opinion?
7 August 9
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@captain - I spent most of my time in the US and Japan (I'm Australian) and got married in Las Vegas, yay! Was definitely a lot of fun.

Totally get the need to change things up. I feel like the gradient colors clash and reminds me of something you'd make on Word Art back in the day What about colors from the same family or that complement each other? Here are a few which I think are less gaudy but still use a gradient:
bzl header ideasbzl header ideas

Ignore the crappily rendering avatar -

In order:
linear-gradient(right , EA4340, 913648)
linear-gradient(right , 2C405A, EC5351, F27B35, FFD555)
linear-gradient(right , A9EED8, 3DCDD0, 3983AA, 48456E)
August 9
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@benevolentia thank you very much for taking the time to do some alternatives! That's greatly appreciated. I took another stab at it, lmk what you think. I don't think it's as bold but I think it's a good middle-ground. Btw, the avatar is what you see or just some weird dev thing?
August 10
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@syrup To escape the horrendous bill that would be the result of a wedding back home (obligated to invite all the long lost relatives as is tradition on my husband's side)... Plus we love LV, so it was the perfect get away destination!
August 10
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@captain Way better! The purple+yellow was merging into this fugly brown in the middle (as is expected I suppose) but I like the orange to yellow gradient!
August 10

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