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Hey all, hope you're well. Just thought I'd gauge your feedback on the recent update to include videos from various video game companies.
HawtNoodle: I agree with Random87
FriedClams: I did not like the stories from the companies because their descriptions were not real stories but carefully chosen words from their respective marketing teams. If a game were to be put here, a user would post a picture or link a video and write a more genuine story with his/her opinions. Also, games chosen by users are ones they want to share, while the companies will just market every game they produce in hopes of making a sale. If you want to start more conversations, I would like if it you turned on notifications when people @ each other so they know someone is talking to them. Do not forget that conversations are started naturally and cannot be forced. There are so many games out there it will be difficult to find common ground among everyone. BasilMarket had the common ground of MapleStory. Good luck with the site! While you ponder your changes, enjoy some fish and chips!
joblessjim: Definitely Liking the twitch implementation. Looking forward to the future stuff!
I need Black Ops 2 to be backwards compatible on Xbox Oneplaying XBOX
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RedEyed: it wont be activision can make it a remaster like cod 4 and sell for $$$
privateereck: More like make a new universe and add that as backup.
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Watching a video of Celeste by makers of TowerFall, this looks nice! pixel action pico8
Exclusive: 10 Minutes of CELESTE Gameplay — TOWERFALL Creators' Next Game! - Youtube
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How to speak on the internet - yes, thank you.
How To Speak On The Internet (MMM™) - Youtube
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haha.. I thought skyscraper management was as weird as it could get, but here's a weird game about jumping from truck to truck... ok then. Kooky, but you gotta love the creativity!
Clustertruck Gameplay Trailer - Launching September 27 - Youtube
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Super Mario Maker coming out for 3DS!
Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Announce Trailer / Gameplay - Youtube
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Fun platformer game MonsterBoy coming soon to PC XBOX PS4
Monster Boy - Gamescom 2016 Trailer: The Power of Six! - Youtube
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banana: Developers. . . what do you get when you cross #MapleStory and #Metroid. . .