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I have went over the process of learning this language. Hiragana and Katakana is easy, Kanji is the hard-part, and this is coming from me, a Chinese who already have an understanding of this. Think of it as a word. A single or combination of these are a word, learn how to read them by combinations. That's all I can say for the writing-part.
As for learning the language, Vocabulary will come easy, you just have to drill them and expand on them. Focus on the grammar-part such as presets that makes up sentences and colloquials that plays a grammar-role. There are too many of them that you have to learn. I would focus on this part. This is a language that are very much expanded in grammar similar to English as opposed to being simplified as in Chinese. If you learned this, you might be able to speak with sense. This matters more than expending the time to be proficient in Katakana. What use is that to you if that's only for spelling foreign-words?