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Wallet, Zelda, Diughdos, Triforce, Horny
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Saw this Zelda themed wallet and had to buy it, dood. At a little naughty store called Spencer's. You should have seen all the horny high school girls looking at all the diughdos. Err, I mean, that red Hylian Crest. It would have been nice if the Triforce was colored yellow/gold, but oh well. I've been using envelopes to hold my paper monies.


The color on the inside though! Anything red, yes.


I know I'm suppose to put my Driver's License in the left side. I can't show y'all! 3 pockets in the middle and one hidden behind the middle. What do I even do with the chain thing? I'm not really sure how that works. I'm not cool, dood.

Zelda wallet

2 525 2018-3-1


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oh... you're supposed to attach the chain to your chain necklace, so it's chain-on-chain action. You've got one of those right? No? Back to the store you go... *sigh*

1 2018-3-2
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Nice wallet! Celebrate with braised beef with gnocchi!



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