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Wallet, Zelda, Diughdos, Triforce, Horny
DeeMon avatar

Saw this Zelda themed wallet and had to buy it, dood. At a little naughty store called Spencer's. You should have seen all the horny high school girls looking at all the diughdos. Err, I mean, that red Hylian Crest. It would have been nice if the Triforce was colored yellow/gold, but oh well. I've been using envelopes to hold my paper monies.


The color on the inside though! Anything red, yes.


I know I'm suppose to put my Driver's License in the left side. I can't show y'all! 3 pockets in the middle and one hidden behind the middle. What do I even do with the chain thing? I'm not really sure how that works. I'm not cool, dood.

Zelda wallet

2 3 303 Mar 2018


FriedClams avatar

Nice wallet! Celebrate with braised beef with gnocchi!

Mar 2018
syrup avatar

oh... you're supposed to attach the chain to your chain necklace, so it's chain-on-chain action. You've got one of those right? No? Back to the store you go... *sigh*

1 Mar 2018
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