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Making, Video, Reboot, Snacks
Where can I buy Pet snacks? I'm a Pink Bean in Reboot. I can't visit the cash shop so are there any General stores that carry it?making Video
benevolentia: Is this to equip multiple PB pets? Pretty sure it's just unavailable. Apparently it was the same last time this event was run, it's a real shame.
Coments, Maple, Gms, Playing, Reading Maple Story: Unsc. Maintenance GMS... (Yes. It really happened again.) - Youtube
Little late now but I had no idea how to post on this site haha with that being said! This is one of my first post. The Unsc. server maintenance early this morning had me triggered! If you're curious as to what the Bff exploit is or if you just like reading mean comments check out my latest video! (Wish I shared this with y'all earlier! ) reading Video playing PC
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syrup: oh man, YT comments are garbage. idk why they bother allowing comments...
SmexiiNinja: Ikr! Like, there are plenty of good comments too but for every good one there's about 3 other ones picking fights
Illustration, Listening, Nintendo, Watching, Playing Wizet Hat Project (Please help) - Deviantart
I made a 3d Wizet Invincible Hat for MMD, but I need help finishing it. After finishing the model itself, I made that picture thing and lined up the W in the centre of the back of the hat. I then clicked export as Direct X file. But it only gave me the model file and not the file of that picture thing. When I try to import the X file into PMXE, nothing appeared. If anyone is familiar with Blender, please explain to me this part of modelling and what controls I need to use to complete this model so it can be imported to PMXE and then MMD. Because without that picture thing in the same folder the model is in, it won't display properly in MMD. Can someone also please explain to me how to make that picture thing from scratch in Blender itself? Thats what people do when making models for games. playing Nintendo watching Video reading Comics listening Rock making Illustration making Art