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WoW is getting a classic server. I've only played WoW through private server recently so I may give this a shot.

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Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft? You have a guestimate when? I would learn from the Private-Server, and then play the Official-one and pay the monthly-fee. But right now, it's too early, we don't know when.
From your posts of materials, I would guess you are into Traditional-MMOs like myself? The new-WOW with Legion is terrible! The Combat of that is Rotational because they introduced the Cooldown, but the old-WOW, there is animation with no Skill-Cooldown, so you can spam the Skill(it is all stat-based). Yes, the old-WOW is that Traditional and grindy, which is a positive-thing for me.
If they would bring back the Classic, I will play it with no questions. But the current-new-WOW, it became garbage.

2017-11-5 | Edited: 2017-11-5
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I hope for you that they don't pull a Maplestory and make a server like Reboot to relive "the old maple experience"....

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@HawtNoodle Reboot (just like the Normal-Servers) follow the Modern-MMO-system. It is not the same Classic and Traditional as Maplestory used to be back then. What Reboot did differently to Normal-Servers, are remove Trading and cap the Cash Shop to Vanity-Items(like Cosmetics). It is still the same Modern-MMO-system, all they did here is address the issue of Pay-to-Win.
What WOW is doing, is bringing back the Traditionality and simplicity of the game, back to when we don't have fast-travelling, no Skill-Cooldown, game is grindy(right now, you can buy your way to level 110 instantly. seriously!!!), no matchmaking, and all of these that makes the game immersive and very addicting as it used to be back in the days.
I want that kind of WOW, the modern-WOW we have right now, it is terrible.

2017-11-5 (Edit: 2017-11-5)
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Enjoy some string cheese while you play!