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Pleasepleaseplease, Bought, Grills, Upload, Ficus

Pleasepleaseplease, Bought, Grills, Upload, Ficus

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random87 avatar I'll get some guys with saxophones together. I think I see where you're getting at though. You can tell your friends about the deeper meaning of the photo, and they'll probably believe it. For me the
captain avatar You have done an even better job of exploring and proving my point, thank you! Perhaps you are actually on your way towards making another 'frasierwave' album. See
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EricBB avatar not sure why i cant upload an image, b4 i couldnt even upload a story o_o
Orrador avatar I have a bottle of Carolina Reaper in my fridge. I haven't touched it beyond the day it was purchased simply because when I did try it on some tacos, I couldn't eat for a straight 15 minutes after. It