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MMORPG, RPG, TreeofSavior, Watching, Clone [로스트테일] 공감의 MMORPG, 인게임 하이라이트 영상 공개 ! - Youtube
TreeofSavior clone / rip-off Tale of the Lost City Online. Coming to South Korea now too it seems. Looks quite cool tho. ... more
EternalMemory: They copied your game, and your game also copied Ragnarok Online, a game in which I used to Main a very-long-time-ago. From that trailer, even if they copied your game, what matters, is "which is better?" , and they did improved from what they imitated, Looks better lol! But Ragnarok Online, overall, is a much better game that this ukkking two! The problem is, that game is just too old to get back now! Server is dead, it is not worth playing anymore!
Gameplay, Treeofsavior Tree of the Dead Arcade Shooter Gameplay - Youtube
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FriedClams: That looks like fun! Enjoy your game with a bearclaw!
WatchGintama: @captain I find TOS is pretty fun at times but sometimes I just get burnt out or tired of playing [email protected] Bear claws are edible? :o
TreeOfSavior, 2nd TreeOfSavior, 2nd
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WatchGintama: @syrup I got 20 gacha cubes :[email protected] Results are here:https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/completed-perfect-10-top-model-event-vote-here/336947
captain: 4real, that was lame (first place winner video) - they got that by accident. Yours took some skill / effort / work. Sounds like another vote that just happened recently... *sigh*