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It's been a couple years since I opened any packs of baseball cards. Actually, it's been just about 3. And even then, I bought a box of 1984 Fleers to see if I could do a Single Box Set challenge (Came awfully close to completing the entire set in just one retail box).

But here we are with the newest set from Topps, the recently returned Stadium Club. I admit complete ignorance to the modern state of baseball card collecting. Aside from telling some jerk at Target who was cherry picking packs that he should leave some of those fat insert cards for kids, otherwise the hobby (which is what it really is) is going to die.

So if you're a retail cherry picker, screw you.

Anyway, I do spend a few minutes lamenting the state of insert cards and chase cards, and the fact that I can't get all the cards in a set because I'll never track down the 1:30,000+ inserts. But still, these are gorgeous cards.

If you want to see more Stadium Club 2015's, head over to Matthew Szewczyk's channel. He and his son just broke a box on camera (video: Youtube)

If you're new to the channel, I do daily digital pack crack videos in the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app, check out the playlist: Youtube

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