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Shokugeki 200 Chapters!
WatchGintama: @FriedClams Do you read shokugeki? I think you might like it
FriedClams: @WatchGintama No I do not. #frown
RedEyed: friedclams already knows what they will do from one ingredient friedclams wishes to learn but hes already at gordan ramsey level
Watching, GPDWIN, Anime
And now for the real tests watching Anime GPDWIN
syrup: How's the keyboard? Any graphics based lag? SSD?
WatchGintama: @syrup It's not bad typing on the keyboard. Basically just pecking with your thumbs. I wouldn't rely on it for MMO controls but chatting is fine.It runs games on low settings mostly but they run pretty decent. There's videos of it running full speed skyrim, overwatch, mario kart double dash (emulator) etc. No SSD but expandable by microSD and USB 3.0 port.
Icyflamez999: SUCH A CHEEKY MC
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