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Maplestory Corona Guild Windia Video Maple Str Reconnect Gms MrBasil
A Maplestory Guild in Windia! Find us on Youtube or our website : Wixsite
Maplestory, Scroll, Xenons, Stats, Dex Maplestory, Scroll, Xenons, Stats, Dex
Maplestory I finally got a scroll on my gloves so it gives me all stats instead of just str and dex. All the xenons out there knows how important this is. ... more
2 4 Corona
Jackie: @captain I was able to get 118 luk from the gloves itself but overall I gained about 500 ish luk because of all stat% and luk% on my gears. Thanks!
captain: that's pretty awesome! Fun...
Maplestory, Playing, Nodestones, Making Maplestory, Playing, Nodestones, Making
playing maplestory The last 24-48 hours i've been restless. i've spent so many hours trying to farm nodestones and i feel like i'm not making any progress. anyone else mindlessly farming too? ... more
1 5 Corona
FriedClams: Make farming easier by enjoying a ham sandwich!
EternalMemory: @Jackie Perhaps(and I am just suggesting!) that the hard-work that you are putting in this game, is just not worth it! Why? Because they will never change the system! The game still revolves heavily in Rotations(another trick from them for you to keep playing this game and spend whenever they put even a decent-sale), is very-heavily-RNG-based(close to BDO!) , is dependent on Events(that are mostly Pay-to-Win) and Pay-to-Win-gambling-Events, lacking of useful-contents that are outside Pay-to-Win, and the same-old-broken-system that we have always(and for me, "had") put-up with! The game is purely-Pay-to-Win @Jackie! I can see that you are putting the work, now my only question; Is it worth it given the nature of this game? That is for you to answer and I am not gonna decide that, but as far as Maplestory and Nexon goes, I am done with them! I just raised the question here and if you are gonna put a blind-eye on these, then I can't really reckon how smart you are! I am just gonna give you a goodluck on whatever you are doing and whatever you want to do rather than just you saying that I just cannot appreciate this game! (which by it's properties is by-far-broken and beyond-fix!)
MakeCoronaGreat, Maplestory, Reconnect, JennPoo, Playing MakeCoronaGreat, Maplestory, Reconnect, JennPoo, Playing
maplestory Corona is about 2 and a half years old. Recently a lot of our old members has been getting back on maple and active again! I wasn't one of the founding members of the guild but it's always great to reconnect with the people you use to look up to! Recently, our old guild leader, Jenny ( JennPoo) started playing again! Super nice to have her back! She already started planning tons of event for the guild! :') MakeCoronaGreatAgain ... more
2 7 Corona
syrup: JennPoo! Gotta love any1 with that name.
catharsis: wow that catharsis guy has a lot of gp!
Alive Just an update. I'm still alive. Just been swamped with school work. ... more
1 1 Corona
Kaneki: hope you're doing well !!
Maple, Guildie, Jackie [GMS] Corona - Chaos Crimson Queen Run - Xenon - Youtube
Maple guildie Jackie wanted me to post something on here... so here's a video of me doing CQueen I guess... ... more
3 6 Corona
captain: Does it get boring doing this much damage? Is there still any joy left in the game for you?
Bran: @captain Of course there is still joy left! The bosses that Nexon have been putting out lately like Dorothy, Lotus, and Damien require more than having cap damage to clear. You still need practice, control, and some luck to kill those bosses. Cap damage isn't the end of the road