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National Day Chocolate Cake Cream Pie Happy Almond Bera Peanut
Maplestory guild in Bera !
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I love Strawberries as my favorite fruit ! Especially when its mid-winter, the time for good ripe/sweet berries !
FriedClams: I like strawberries but gave up on getting them because they always come in a plastic container where the ones I cannot see are bruised.
Gengar: Blueberries>Strawberries
Raginroxas: Nectarines are my favorite fruit. Strawberries are pretty good too.
National, Chowder, Cream, Clam, Day
Cream or Chowder !
FriedClams: In San Francisco, I saw clam chowder food carts that offered the chowder in a bread bowl!
Raginroxas: That looks soooo good!
National, Potato, Sweet, Cook, Taro
Sweet Potatos, Yam, or Taro ?
Gengar: I love putting a sweet potato in the oven. That natural sweetness.
syrup: this could very well be the most positive discussion and outpouring of support ever over a sweet potato. Mark the date.
EricBB: i love the aroma that fills the entire kitchen when cooking a sweet potato
Chocolate, National, Mint, Day, MintDay
Choco + Mint !
DeeMon: I remember these. One of the teachers used to eat them.
FriedClams: These are delicious!
EricBB: they're thin mints from the girl scout cookies
National, Almond, Butter, Milk, Day
Love almond butter and almond milk !
random87: I see the milk and the almonds, but what are those other things? Prune seeds or something?
Valentine, National, Bera, Day
Blackbean Celebrating Valentine's Day !
Helpingly: Seems smaller this time :o
FriedClams: Nice screenshot! Celebrate with Valentine's Day candy and chocolate that is 50% off!
EricBB: @Helpingly ye, february 10 was my birthday but I had change of plans and had my b-day dinner the night before, and had cake on my berthdey . Also we were really picky on the map, amoria gone, we held it at hene park last year, and then i had the best idea of msuhroom shrine especially the npc "Heart of Zipangu". So ya much indecisiveness and on the spot. also many people did not know how to get to mushroom shrine surprisingly lol cuz of the changes, but all in all its an average # of ppl compared to actual weeks of planning like xmas which is a large event and people not busy then! but stay tuned for the next photo soon !!!
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