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Bubblegum, Dokkaebi, Wookie, Dong, Gong Next Week On GOBLIN – The Lonely & Great God | Episode 9 Preview! - Youtube
Jackie avatar watching TV During this winter break i've been watching Goblin: The lonely and Great god. This Kdrama is so good. The cinematic and aesthetic of the scenes and the story line are A++. so obsessed. Oh the OST is freaking amazing too. ... more
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syrup: Omg, the last time I watched and drama (JP) I got mega hooked. How do they make them so addictive. Nice try, Jackie, you're not going to hook me!
Jackie: @syrup omg you need to! you're missing out
Televisionpromos, MishaCollins, BobbySinger, S12E01Promo, Padalecki Supernatural Season 12 Extended Promo (HD) - Youtube
Jackie avatar watching TV SuperNatural Been catching up on this show! finally starting season 12 ... more
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random87: I borrowed season 1 on DVD from a friend but never got into it.I feel like I can't just return the DVD's without having seen them, buuuuuuuuuuut I really don't feel like watching them.
Essence: I love this show. Dean is my favorite character(He's a cutie+hottie!.. Sam is hot as well *-*). I remember watching this since I was little since pilot began! I still need to catch up on it. I'm on S12 but haven't watch E1 yet