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SunandMoon, Pokemon, Shiny, Magikarp, Harder
After over 1000 encounters I have finally caught a shiny magikarp. This thing was way harder to find than I thought it was going to be.
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captain: Grats! Any special stats or just a really rare one? What's your collection count at so far?
Helpingly: @captain: unfortunately the stats are not good enough for competitive, but I do plan on doing a shiny playthrough of the game on my Moon version, and its good enough for that. The collection currently stands at 31 shinies :)
SunandMoon, Nintendo, Pokemon, Game
So I was totally prepared to go all in on trying to get a shiny Litten. I saw some guy use the same method I was going to use and get nothing for like 9 hours straight. I grab my Red Bulls, all pumped up and ready to go.... get the Litten after 2 eggs.
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HawtNoodle: I want to try and get a shiny Golbat or Crabrawler.
Helpingly: @HawtNoodle Are you planning to Masuda for them or SOS? Either way, good luck
WonderTrade, SunandMoon, Staryu, Kinda
Was messing around in Wonder Trade and someone traded me a shiny Kommo-o. I kinda feel bad all I gave em was a Staryu. But hey, thats wonder trade.
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Duzz: is it legit
Helpingly: @Duzz: I seriously doubt it, but then again. It's stats arent too good so maybe someone was just feeling generous.
NintendoDS, SunandMoon, Playing, Pokemon, Pokemon NintendoDS, SunandMoon, Playing, Pokemon, Pokemon
So far have 2 shiny Pokemon In Sun and Moon. The Gumshoos started as a Yungoos that I found within the first hour. The Wishiwashi I found maybe after 60-ish SOS encounters? Trying for Fomantis now.
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with fried chicken!
syrup: How much time you put in so far total?