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HawtNoodle avatar

A Halloween themed drawing for Splatoon 2.
Now I can start on my yearly halloween drawing.

3 4 395 Oct 2017


syrup avatar

Always so good, Noodle! Maybe it's just me, but is that pumpkin candy basket supposed to resemble the MapleStory item with the lollipop hanging out?

1 Oct 2017
FriedClams avatar

Good drawing! Celebrate with a bag of Milky Way miniatures!

Oct 2017
Dlaiwa avatar

You've definitely mastered this kind of pixel art.
What do you do for a living? you could be/should be creating artwork for games :O
When you uploaded the first few images I didn't realize you made them, I just figured it was promotional material for Splatoon 2, that's how good it looks :O

Oct 2017
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