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Spiegelmann, Waifu
HawtNoodle avatar

So everyone is doing that Bowsette stuff so I put that crown on Spiegelmann and turned him into a waifu.

4 4 455 Sep 30


captain avatar

Uhh, I missed it - what's all the hype about again?

1 Oct 1
HawtNoodle avatar

@captain It's a crown that turns Toadette into Peach, then some guy made a comic about mario with bowser where bowser puts it on and becomes a bowser/peach mixure and everyone went nuts over it.

Oct 1
Beefly avatar

Man literally every artist is doing this, from the LN artists I read to my deepest fetish artists to here. This is good though, not complaining.

Oct 1 - Edited: Oct 01 2018
MizuiChan avatar

Spiegelmann's toothy grin and looming eyes would make even the great Koopa King check his back. X. X

Oct 3 - Edited: Oct 06 2018
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