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Umm... what? I knew there were swimsuits in this game, but I didn't know they handed them to you at the very beginning of the game! Dayum, they look good in red, dood. I should've played this during summer! The season just changed to autumn. Haven't a clue what Shining Resonance Refrain is about yet, but I noticed these hybrid instrument weapon(?) things. Well, I'll have something to look at, I mean, play while I wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. WHY YOU DON'T BECOME AVAILABLE YET!? IT'S BEEN ALMOST 13 YEARS! I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. 13 YEARS BECAUSE 13 SEEKERS OF DARKNESS, ISN'T THAT RIGHT?! SQUARE ENIX?! HMMMMMMMM!?
Spent 985 hours in Xenoblade 2, so hopefully this game will last that long. No, not really.



1 241 Sep 25

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