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SaltyBoi, EuropeSplatfests, Spaltoon, Splatoon, Nthe
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Splatoon 2 stuff once more, I made this because the Europe Splatfests are NEVER themed after a holiday when the US and JP players on the other hand DO get themed Splatfests. SaltyBoi

4 4 223 Dec 20


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would love to see you a video / WIP of one of these as it's still unclear to me what the whole UI and process looks like. Some of the gradients / textures remind me of a really old-school Mac paint program. I wonder if it's like that? salty

3 Dec 20
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@captain You only get a pencil and an eraser with 3 different sizes, that's it. I can't really do WIPS of these since you need to upload the picture to Twitter in order to get it to your computer without using some complicated shenanigans. Here's a list of the tools: Imgur
From left to right its > 1. erase everything, 2. undo/redo, 3. zoom (can't choose how far to zoom, it's set to a certain %), 4. Pencils and 5. are the erasers.

Dec 20
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@HawtNoodle oh, so how do you get the 'dotted' texture that's present inside this character's mouth, for example? Is it just a brush?

Dec 21
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@captain Here's an example of one I premade in Photoshop before making it in the Splatoon 2 Editor >> Imgur
It basically depends on the placement of the 1 pixel brush dots, as you can see on the poo, a checkerboard pattern creates a darker shade of grey from afar and the pattern used for the air becomes slightly lighter shade of grey from afar. You can also use lines and such and there are many more ways but these are somewhat the basics. The fun part is that you have to put them one by one... (sarcasm).

Dec 21 - Edited: Dec 22 2017
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