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Lyrics, Listening, Japanese, Rock, Weeb ONE OK ROCK- Memories lyrics video - Youtube
I'm not a weeb if im asian?listening Rock Japanese Weeb?
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Shinsuke: wat is a weeb?
EternalMemory: I wrote everything too-quickly without the thinking! I am very time-strapped! It snowed and I will be working for 14-days-straight! Everything I do is really fast, so bear with me.dai means era, jie means encompassing!(shi dai means era, shi jie means world) I didn't realized the Kanji in Japanese as my Kanji sucks!(I basically don't look at it!) I rely on the romanization, and I can read Hiragana very well! Chinese is different as I am fluent in it and I see "shi dai" in it!Sedai means "era", Sekai means "world", so whatever I said, just change it to "era". My Japanese is fair! I also suck at it sometimes!
Illustration, Listening, Nintendo, Watching, Playing Wizet Hat Project (Please help) - Deviantart
I made a 3d Wizet Invincible Hat for MMD, but I need help finishing it. After finishing the model itself, I made that picture thing and lined up the W in the centre of the back of the hat. I then clicked export as Direct X file. But it only gave me the model file and not the file of that picture thing. When I try to import the X file into PMXE, nothing appeared. If anyone is familiar with Blender, please explain to me this part of modelling and what controls I need to use to complete this model so it can be imported to PMXE and then MMD. Because without that picture thing in the same folder the model is in, it won't display properly in MMD. Can someone also please explain to me how to make that picture thing from scratch in Blender itself? Thats what people do when making models for games. playing Nintendo watching Video reading Comics listening Rock making Illustration making Art