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Dance along with these amazing League cosplayers from Anime Expo! Tag the creators you recognize in the comments.

Steampunk Orianna: Facebook
Darius: Facebook
Nidalee: Facebook
Blood Moon Diana: Facebook
Blood Moon Diana: Facebook
Azir: Facebook
Poro: Facebook
Twisted Fate: Facebook
Red Riding Annie: Facebook
Star Guardian Jinx: Facebook
Blood Moon Kennen: Facebook
Braum: Facebook
Dragon Sorceress Zyra: Facebook
Academy Ahri/Project Ashe: Facebook
Steampunk Viktor: Facebook
Temple Jax: Facebook
Steampunk Ahri: Facebook

And many more!

Created in collaboration with Beat Down Boogie: Youtube
Anime Expo Cosplay Boogie 2017 | League of Legends Community Collab - Youtube
214 Saturday

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