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RevelationOnline, Playing, PC, Screenshot, Gameplay RevelationOnline, Playing, PC, Screenshot, Gameplay
RevelationOnline last night, so here are my first impressions. ... more
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benevolentia: @EternalMemory - Games can't rely on end-game content being the only enjoyable component though. To gain new players you need to have an engaging experience available for ALL levels, including those still leveling up through the beginner to intermediate areas.If my enjoyment of the game is being hindered because I'm not high enough level, then that's a problem in itself. TERA, for example, is a 10/10 experience from start to finish. The lower and mid-level dungeons are always bustling and instance matching never takes longer than 5-10 minutes. We're not giving up though, we are still playing and will progress further and work on obtaining better gear for the later dungeons / instances - but that doesn't prevent our frustration at not being able to really play together during this time putting a damper on the entire experience.Yep! I've stuck to action combat. I tried the other controls but it was not as natural feeling and seemed like a lot more work! I'll stick to action combat definitely, thanks for the advice :)What controls should a healing character use? Is action combat not a good choice for them?
EternalMemory: @benevolentia I am also a Healer myself. To keep my party alive, yes, you must use Tab-targetting to target your Teammate. It is easier that way. If you have any further question, don't hesitate to PM, I am at current end-game myself. They will raise the level-cap to 79 within months, they are just working on localizing and preparing it. I have been playing this game since the first-Closed-BETA, I'm fluent in Chinese, and I am experienced in this game. My advice is to just know what you are supposed to do. I already pointed to you some advice, Blueprint your Gears at 49 because they are way more cheaper and less time-consuming. you have to catch-up, that is your goal. Use your connections with your guild to get carried on your Expert-Dungeons for your Demonslayer. Personally, with no other diversion, I can get to 59 within 2 weeks with full gold-Gear. (with the current situation now, and the deflation of 59-below-stuff) I just know how to do it. This game is hard to understand for new-players, but just try to cope with it. Use this game as a filler game, then we will move to Bless, including I. there is no good-games to play right now, except for Black-Desert. You you will also die for Black Desert, trust me.
RevelationOnline, Playing, PC RevelationOnline, Playing, PC
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Raginroxas: How is revelation online? Havent heard much about this MMO actually.
EternalMemory: A Gunslinger? Wow! There are too many of you! This better not be the Tutorial, because I see no Purple on you! On CBT3, you should be atleast 49 by now. It is easy; you get your Demonslayer 3, you Craft your full-Gold-Gears in a week(you can do these with your Ausgyths<what value is this on the last-CBT? Ofcourse you can afford to spend it on these, but do not do it on OBT where it is better spent on Skills!>, Fairy Orbs, Soul of Mists, and Demonslayer Points), jump that level-gap and learn the game. This is the beginning of the game and I can tell from your Gears. Atleast put the commitment like I am doing. If it is too late now, do it on the OBT. What you need to know, the most importantly, is the process of progression, so you don't fall behind when this game comes out. You can jump from 49(even without the Gears) as soon as you get your Demonslayer 3(you can always re-Gear later as the Expert-Shrine-3*-Dungeon is run-able and is easy, if you know the mechanics), but you need to be well-Geared for 55 Great Wall, so you stop at 54 and this is where you will take the time to Gear-up for that 55-59 Tier. and 10-Man-Spider is 60, so you must gear-up for that and stop at 59.
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