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Hey all! Hope you're having a good holiday and chilling out a bit from all the studies / work / whatnot.

Thought I'd get your feedback on an updated version of that new design I spoke about. The preview is here. Please ignore the content, it's just there for testing. And I'm aware that the mobile version is completely not working, bear with me.

I've taken a lot of your thoughts into consideration. Let me know what you think of this latest build.

Have a good holidays!

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looks great, captain !! hope you don't work yourself too hard during holidays :v

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Who can ignore the wonderful pictures of buns and cake?

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Looks good, it gives a nice quick overview of everything, I would prefer to have the orange/yellow bar on the right instead buuuuuut that might just be my personal preference.

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Good, but I think it can use a better arrangement that will make it more organized. Stories are articles, they belong as a Blog. While Threads are created to open a discussion(I notice that in this picture, they are all questions), so those belongs in a Forum. Separate the Blogs and Forum. The third function of this site is the "Chat" which is use for any open-discussion. If you can separate these 3 functions, it will be more organized.
Remove the "latest-comments"(it does not deserve a bar) and make the Blog-posts/Forum-Threads bump each other up instead when comments are made. This will indicate recencies of comments.
And while on your update, remove the Text-cap on comments/posts (nobody here is even abusing it. moderate it if we have to). It may help if we have the ability to input detailed-informations that may require longer-texts regarding the Blogs and Threads. After all, informations are what make discussions more meaningful. We don't wanna be limited to the text. Otherwise, we will not have any serious discussions here, and that's what the Chat is already for.

2 2017-12-23
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Remove the "Active-Team"(another-thing that does not deserve a bar), and give an individual "number of posts" and maybe "number of likes" as their site's rank of activity. Do not bar this, just tie it to the profile.
The space that you free-up from removing the bar, the Blog-posts/forum-threads can accommodate. Separate the Blogs and the Forum by window-tabs, they should never merge.
That's my suggestion for organization. The actual reason it is hard for us to grow, are because community-members finding it hard to find things in common with other members. almost all posts contrast. This is the reason it's not attracting much participants. There is only 1 person here who I can relate to, that's redeyed because he play MMOs properly. That's for the gaming-part, but I have other interests that I'm sure nobody here does or know much about. That is why it's hard to open a discussion and get people participating.

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P.S. it took me 2 comments to post all of this. Remove the text-cap. A constructive-comment may require length.