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Pokémon Go’s new legendary dog trio are out now - Polygon

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Helpingly avatar Not if you're patient. They said they'll be moving around from the three different regions so you should be able to catch them over time. What I'm wondering is whether they'll be raid monsters or just
Beefly avatar Yes you need to travel to Antarctica to capture Entei, then you must travel to Germany to capture Raikou and after that you go to Saudi Arabia to capture Suicune. You can also cheat the system by plac
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Niantic ‘horrified’ by Pokémon Go Fest - Polygon

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FriedClams avatar From the picture I can see why it was a nightmare because I did not see a single food stand!
Helpingly avatar I didn't go, but yeah, I heard things were pretty bad. Long lines, people not being able to connect to the game. Niantic did try to fix things though, they increased the event radius and extended the
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