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Pokemongo, Mobile, Pokemon, Johto Pokemongo, Mobile, Pokemon, Johto
Pokemon Go added Johto but they're still blocking rooted phones so I can't play pokemongo Mobile
Helpingly: I'm so excited @WatchGintama Yeah there was a lot of hype, but many still play it. Also, apparently with this update they are introducing one of the features you mentioned, my guess would be trading. All speculation though.
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Hey all, hope you're well. Just thought I'd gauge your feedback on the recent update to include videos from various video game companies.
4 BZL Dev Team
FriedClams: I did not like the stories from the companies because their descriptions were not real stories but carefully chosen words from their respective marketing teams. If a game were to be put here, a user would post a picture or link a video and write a more genuine story with his/her opinions. Also, games chosen by users are ones they want to share, while the companies will just market every game they produce in hopes of making a sale. If you want to start more conversations, I would like if it you turned on notifications when people @ each other so they know someone is talking to them. Do not forget that conversations are started naturally and cannot be forced. There are so many games out there it will be difficult to find common ground among everyone. BasilMarket had the common ground of MapleStory. Good luck with the site! While you ponder your changes, enjoy some fish and chips!
joblessjim: Definitely Liking the twitch implementation. Looking forward to the future stuff!
Pokemon, Growlithe, Beldum, Game
I have hatched 1200 totodile eggs and finally get my shiny. So much time wasted? Probably, considering the odds should be around 1/512. However, after that I did some SOS hunting. Got shiny beldum at 52, my second shiny eevee at 67, and a shiny growlithe at 24. I like to think that the game is helping my out a little after that experience.
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FriedClams: So many eggs, you should celebrate with the omelette of your choice!
Duzz: You can hatch my eggs any day <3
Pokemon, SunMoon, Fail
Had my first shiny fail today. Find a shiny stufful, False swiped the shiny one before killing the stufful that called it in. The normal stufful used Brutal swing, hitting all the pokemon on the field and killing my shiny. RIp :c
syrup: You play with Charizard you get burnt every now and then. Just get up, dust off the ashes and be the best you can be! You can do it, Helpingly! I believe in you!
Playing, Pokemon, Mankey, Zubat
3 new shinies today. Zubat, Mankey, and Magnemite have joined the team XD
6 PokéCenter
EternalMemory: @Syrup You know how long it takes to grind these, right? I myself have done it before. It took me thousands of encounter for a 1 Shiny-Fish(forgot the name) and you are saying; let him kill himself for a game that is going to be obsolete because they keep releasing the same-game and rip you off? Well? I have an expression of concern and can overlook issues. Pokemon usually let's you transfer, I am not sure about these new games as I don't play them. But if it does not, can you say that we should put it behind curtains? If you are not willing to see this, then let us discuss this, it's not like I am discussing with you. I don't wanna start an argument!
Helpingly: @EternalMemory: You can transfer your pokemon to the newer games. Also, this is the first Pokemon game I've had since Pearl all those years ago, and this is the first game I've ever shiny hunted in. So to me it's pretty worth it :).
SunandMoon, Pokemon, Shiny, Magikarp, Harder
After over 1000 encounters I have finally caught a shiny magikarp. This thing was way harder to find than I thought it was going to be.
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captain: Grats! Any special stats or just a really rare one? What's your collection count at so far?
Helpingly: @captain: unfortunately the stats are not good enough for competitive, but I do plan on doing a shiny playthrough of the game on my Moon version, and its good enough for that. The collection currently stands at 31 shinies :)
Kaneki: @RedEyed i thought that was a joke when an npc in-game said that,,, BUT I GUESS NOt
Gengar: Yeah you almost tricked me. I was gonna say they nerfed exp.share after how it was in XYAlso most dragons are pesudo legendary and have slow exp gain (need more exp)
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