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Gengar avatar

Replaying Soul Silver and it took me idk months (because I kept doing other things) to get from the last gym leader to the elite four, but tell me how the heck it took me mins to get through the e4?

2 9 71 Jul 31


DeeMon avatar

I have same problem with Omega Ruby, still never went to Elite Four yet, dood.

1 Aug 1
syrup avatar

Sounds like it should be elite 5! Errr... with you being the 5th, I guess? But then you'd be fighting yourself. *mind blown*

1 Aug 1
Kaneki avatar

speaking of soul silver, i hope they bring back the pokemon walking feature in future games

1 Aug 1
Gengar avatar

@Kaneki I want an ultra beast to follow me everywhere, or my starter..that works too...

Aug 1
FriedClams avatar

Congratulations on getting to the elite 4! Celebrate with a slice of chocolate ganache cake! Or better yet just have the whole cake!

Aug 2
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