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What a coincidence! I cam across my shiny Yungoos random encounter no charm too. Are you playing Moon? Cause I'm playing Sun and I think that this is quite the coincidence.
How are ya'll getting so many shinies in Sun/Moon? I haven't even got one
@Duzz: The SOS chaining method makes things a bit simpler. Just look that up on YouTube and there are plenty of tutorials.

@Gengar: Do you have a shiny Mimikyu?! :O I'm torn as to whether I want to Masuda for it or hunt for it.
@Duzz: mine was pure chance
@Helpingly: sos chain for shiny is terrible unless you have a shiny charm (which I don't and def won't any time soon)
@Gengar: It isn't that bad. I got 2 shinies in less than an hour just SOS chaining. And because of the chain, they're all pretty decent IVs. A lot less work than breeding imo. Though, some mons are a pain in the butt to chain, like Mimikyu

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