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Introductory, Destiny, Played, 24th, Felt

Introductory, Destiny, Played, 24th, Felt

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syrup avatar That's a really cool idea (memories / flashbacks)!
FriedClams avatar The only game worth playing is Overcooked on the Switch.
LegionSystem, MapleStory, games, SynergyGrid, Disconnect


Legion System, Maple Story, games, Synergy Grid, Disconnect

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syrup avatar Man, I envy your time and commitment, that's pretty awesome. It's cool to see all of those stat boosts you get. Congrats! And all those SS's look (and I'm sure feel) pretty cool!
FriedClams avatar Congratulations! Celebrate with a sausage scramble with your choice of toast!
MapleStory, games, ThunderFlash, FireEmblem, Cooldowns


Maple Story, games, Thunder Flash, Fire Emblem, Cooldowns

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Helpingly avatar You have to be one of the most dedicated individuals I know.
Maplestory, PocketMS, Mobile, Pocket, games

Maplestory, Pocket MS, Mobile, Pocket, games

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benevolentia avatar - Maplestory Adventures! I remember that game! Good fun.
random87 avatar I've wasted some time on that! I usually play Maplestory with a friend, but when her PC died we decided to give PocketMS a try. Much like normal Maplestory we got bored quite fast.
Togedemaru, HASNOT, PLAYED

Togedemaru, HASNOT, PLAYED

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Helpingly avatar Oh man I haven't been shiny hunting in a while. I need more shinies :c
blazi4ever avatar This is so cute! *o* After beating the game (which took me several months since I slacked off a lot), I've been doing nothing but mining and farming beans + berries everyday lolol. I personally find g
Nintendo, games, WiiU, 3DS, FireEmblemHeroes


Nintendo, games, Wii U, 3DS, Fire Emblem Heroes

DeeMon avatar
FriedClams avatar Nice Pocky!
Playstation, Squaresoft, Shimomura, Download, Amateur

Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved [Extended w/ DL Link] - Youtube

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captain avatar I never tried this out back in the day. It was quite popular tho, eh? What'd you like about it? The mix of characters from different story-lines kind of weirded me out, iirc :D
Nintendo, games, Zelda, Screenshots, Controller

Nintendo, games, Zelda, Screenshots, Controller

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Eternal avatar "I'm gonna sound like ThatOneVideoGamer, dood" You might when it comes to dedications, however, you do not (in all circumstances) in terms of reasonings. You sank a-hundred-hour on an offline-RPG-game
DeeMon avatar Hey, relax guy. First of all: Second of all, Zelda games are most definitely not RPGs. You don't have to care about how I spend my time. You really are hopeless, aren't you, dood?
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Eternal avatar I can understand your situation and I had reviewed these options as I was in the same situation as you. Peria Chronicles was scrapped, isn't it? If it's not, Nexon will still be the Publisher, and bel
FriedClams avatar Besides MapleStory, I only play quick games too. I now enjoy playing Scrabble and still hope to spell "hamburger."
Nintendo, games, DonkeyKongCountry, MechonisField, Castlevania


Nintendo, games, Donkey Kong Country, Mechonis Field, Castlevania

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captain avatar Initially I thought you were talking about Xenogears, a totally different beast. I haven't actually heard of Xenoblade. I'm keen to see that part 2 is coming out on Switch as it looks really cool. Tha
DeeMon avatar I gave up on trying to beat Rodin in Bayonetta 2, he's just too crazy and powerful as hell. You can die in 2-3 hits with two full bars of health... This is the last bewitchment I need for this game. T
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