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Hi all, you may notice that the story display has changed somewhat on the front page. You'll also notice a large gap of space on the far right side. That's a placeholder for the forum feature I'm working on.

I'm curious to hear what you think about the story display (1 story per row rather than 3 across). Also, I'm testing out a full-height thumbnail rather than a cropped one (scroll down a bit to see what I mean). Curious to hear what you think of that?

Thanks for any input / suggestions.

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My only gripe is how each thumbnail is too big. Each post takes up the whole page and some the whole image don't even fit the page. When I browse a "feed" like the frontpage, I want to scroll through the content faster and see more things at once. I'll click on what catches my attention and the story popups and new pages already showed things in full size. So is there a point in making the front page thumbnails full sized too? It makes it inefficient to scroll through.

I did like the 3 across layout we had before too. You could see everything more easily and it was easier to navigate.

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I really like the single-column story view. It's less cluttered and a nicer experience to scroll through (similar to Facebook's News Feed). Not sure how I feel about having the forum show up on profile pages though. I feel like that feature should only be available on the front page, as it might take a way a bit of the 'personal' feel of a profile page if there are posts to other people's forum threads on the right hand side. It's hard to tell without it being implemented yet, we will have to wait and see.

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@benevolentia pardon any confusion. There may be a forum list on your profile page but it will only contain YOUR forum posts. This will hold true elsewhere on the site - front page will feature posts from all forums, but if you look at a community / tag page (ie, MapleStory) it will only show posts from THAT tag, so as to be relevant. Thanks for the input!

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Actually, I prefer the previous-layout of story-display where you structured them from left-to-right and then up-and-down (the 3-story-across). Reason-being, is they are more easier to view and navigate, hence, better interface (rather than scrolling-down per story).
Also, I would prefer to not cap Comments to limited-amount of inputs/characters/letters. In order to participate in discussions, sometimes, it requires details. It's really the informations that make such discussion "meaningful". Everyone should already know me from our community; I'm the type who goes by the details! (yes, I got this trait from my mom!) In terms of abuses(such as spamming), if ever they decide to do so, can be handled with Moderation. But such case is unlikely to happen anyway, given how discipline our community are and have shown.
And my last suggestion, is about that Header; We have 12 months in a year, if possible, change the color of the Header every month to complement the theme of that month. Examples are; Orange and Yellow matches the color of leaves when trees reach their deciduous-stage during autumn-season, hence, our current-theme is already perfect for the month of September. For October, Orange for the color of pumpkin and Olive-Green. For November, keep that Orange-color but change the secondary-color to Purple. And so on and so on... It will atleast display an impression that our community is alive and persistent.

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@EternalMemory Thank you for the feedback and interesting ideas! I may do some kind of middle-ground with the story display. Time will tell. It all depends on how the forum integration works.

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I like the full thumbnail preview, the new layout is also ok but we'll have to see how it looks as a whole when the forum part got added.