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another attempt at pixels

4 4 386 Jun 28


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Nice! I can give you a small tip if you want, if not that's fine aswell.

3 Jun 28
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@Kaneki Ok, I took the left part of the head as an example.

Example: Imgur

So basically when making outlines you'd want to avoid these jaggy parts (marked red on the left) because it'll make that part look thicker and more black than you'd expect and it throws your artwork off balance.
However, you can simply fix it by removing a single pixel (on the right) this will not only make your artwork balanced but it's also more pleasant to look at.

I didn't fix it in my example but try to avoid sharp corners aswell if said part isn't supposed to be sharp (pretty much anything round-ish) you can see one in the example on the wing that I didn't fix.

I hope this is of some use to you

Jun 29
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@HawtNoodle aaa thank u so much :') i didn't see those few extra pixels before until it was mentioned. i will definitely have this in mind the next time i try working with pixels again !!

Jun 30
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