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Maplestory, Playing, 5th
happy days!! 5th job makes me feel so op playing maplestory
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with a taro pudding cake with mango!
Pipsqueak: @FriedClams thanks, but your prawn rolls are more tempting :[email protected] 246, having all those node slots is great and the damage increase was insane!
Jackie: nice!!! my goal is to get my two main atk skills to 50 by the end of this weekend. about to farm soo much during 2x
Gameplay, Fasgort, Sans, UNDERTALE, Watching
Contains spoilers, hover your mouse to view
spoiler watching the most badass UNDERTALE fight ever.
Undertale - Sans Boss Fight - Youtube
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captain: I've seen this game online elsewhere, looks like the anti-game game. It's exciting to me that development is at a point where conceptual stuff like this can be made.
Pipsqueak: it's fantastic on so many levels. give it a shot if you can spare the time b!
MapleStory2, MapleStory, Spadow, 5th, KMS
Still playing Maple after all these years, and this is the first time any update has gotten me so excited. (but really, marksman fps?? i'm gonna have to practise on frito's portals...)
MapleStory - V Update (5th Job) - Youtube