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MapleStory, Playing, PC, THISCHAIR, HOWCUTE
Collecting rewards from my Pink Bean character. HOW CUTE IS THIS CHAIR? 😍
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Helpingly: Comment has nothing to do with the chair... but #tipsy
FriedClams: I like that chair. I have it too! Celebrate with butter crackers!
WatchGintama: thats a nice chair. I only had boring chairs available back when I played
BlacklightRetri, Playing, PS4, PC, Download
I downloaded 'Blacklight: Retribution' on the PS4 the other day. It's pretty small (5GB) and actually plays pretty well for a free-to-play shooter. It has a cash shop style system where you can purchase new gear, but the free stuff is nice enough to play with so I'm not too bothered.
DragonBall, Maplestory, Playing, Anime, PC
Pink Bean character does a Super Saiyan Rose attack! Ahhhhh, so awesome. Maplestory playing PC DragonBall Anime
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benevolentia: @Revenants - If so, that's even cooler. I wasn't sure if it was specifically a SSR reference or just a SS reference and Pink Bean is pink and all, soooo. But if it was yellow last time it seems like it's updated to reflect the more recent form!
SmexiiNinja: I dig it! Did anyone see tonight's episode?! :]
benevolentia: @SmexiiNinja yep! I watch it every week like clockwork! @_@
MapleStory, Levelup, Playing, PC, 12th
Leveling up a Pink Bean character for 'night of the living bean' in MapleStory 12th Terrorversary event.
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Helpingly: I remember the dudes who actually got those to 250. GG
benevolentia: Jeez 250!? I don't think I'll make it that far. I'm pretty limited to weekends for playtime. #adultlife haha.
privateereck: Good Luck. I may go for 200 myself for the title. I am trying to min-max as much as I can
MapleStory, Playing, Reboot, PC, Stuck
I'm ginormous! But I'm also stuck with this stupid theme area! I can't seem to interact with the gold sack on the wall to progress
3 2
FriedClams: Great choice for a pet! Macarons are delicious!
benevolentia: @FriedClams - Pretty sure everything is delicious to you. UPDATE: Made it through the theme area, finally. Most unintuitive quest line I've ever had the misfortune of completing.
MapleStory, Playing, Reboot, PC, Lol
Back on MapleStory after years! Reboot, lol.
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captain: Oh that sounds sweet! Sounds like Viet iced coffee. Do you dev apps or ...? Never used Java, what do you like about it?
syrup: cool, wb. Is reboot cool?
benevolentia: @captain - Desktop applications for the agency I work for. I have ever-so-slightly dabbled in Android apps but I'm pretty inexperienced. I like that it's OO and it's pretty easy to pick up, it was one of the languages I first started with in university so I guess I have a soft spot for it. @syrup - Yeah, Reboot is pretty nice! It's definitely good for someone who doesn't want to fund a new character (aka, me!).
Playing, PC, HollowKnight, Artstyle, Gameplay
I just finished playing Hollow Knight and let me tell you, this game is freaking amazing. It's a 2D metroidvania/platformer game.
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captain: I love metroidvania's! Thanks for the heads up, this looks unique AND fun. So many games these days are quite similar formula-wise (dragons, swords, blah blah) but this looks like it has a lot of personality. Very intriguing.
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