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Playing, PC, HollowKnight, Artstyle, Gameplay
I just finished playing Hollow Knight and let me tell you, this game is freaking amazing. It's a 2D metroidvania/platformer game.
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captain: I love metroidvania's! Thanks for the heads up, this looks unique AND fun. So many games these days are quite similar formula-wise (dragons, swords, blah blah) but this looks like it has a lot of personality. Very intriguing.
Coments, Maple, Gms, Playing, Reading
Little late now but I had no idea how to post on this site haha with that being said! This is one of my first post. The Unsc. server maintenance early this morning had me triggered! If you're curious as to what the Bff exploit is or if you just like reading mean comments check out my latest video! (Wish I shared this with y'all earlier! ) reading Video playing PC
Maple Story: Unsc. Maintenance GMS... (Yes. It really happened again.) - Youtube
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syrup: oh man, YT comments are garbage. idk why they bother allowing comments...
SmexiiNinja: Ikr! Like, there are plenty of good comments too but for every good one there's about 3 other ones picking fights
Playing, CSGO, PC, Browse, Woohoo
playing PC CSGO It has been a while since I actually have the time to just browse social media / community sites. I've been so busy with school / looking for jobs. Senior year woohoo. But when I do have time these days, I go on csgo. I started about a year ago and i don't really play that often so getting to gold nova 3 is kind of a big deal on my list. Any advice on getting better?
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syrup: hey Jackie, no experience with these types of games, what's the diff with CSGO vs COD etc? Kind of gave up on Live games due to all the trash talking... :/ Is the scene on CSGO better?
RedEyed: i used to be MGE but i kinda fell down to nova ranks havent played in a month or so shot me down even more
Jackie: @syrup i actually never played cod so I can't compare. but the players on csgo are pretty diverse just like any other game. Some are dicks and some are pretty nice.
Shadowverse, Playing, PC
Street Fighter V meets Shadowverse!! I'm definitely getting some of these leaders playing PC shadowverse
Street Fighter V Meets Shadowverse - Youtube
KrazyKid132: I have always liquified my forestcraft cards and now i regret it
captain: whaaaaat is this???
WatchGintama: @FriedClams Yeah SF is still popular... lots of big tournaments and such.@captain These are leaders or characters you can play as. They don't affect the deck you just have different reactions/emotes you can use.@KrazyKid132I'm getting chun li for sword probably. I would get Ryu but I dont have a dragon deck
Lately I've been so addicted to Enter The Gungeon.
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captain: I've wanted to play it for awhile, looks awesome. Is there a lot of depth and replayability to it?
HawtNoodle: @captain: I'd say yes, every floor is randomly generated and so are the chests that give you random guns/items each time, each floor also has 1 boss which is randomly choosen from the 3 main bosses for that floor. there's a LOT of unlockables and 4 main characters and 2 secret characters (after unlock) to choose from each with their own abillities and starting gear and specific ending. I have about 60 hours on the game and I'm only half way done with it.
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