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syrup avatar

I love living vicariously through players like yourself. So much fun to watch without having to do all the hard work / grinding!

Aug 27
captain avatar

What keeps folks like yourself (with such high range) coming back? Are you still upgrading lots of gear? Haven't beaten any bosses?

1 Aug 28
privateereck avatar

@captain being in a group with other maplers helps, although I still play mostly solo Story. Also, this video was just to test some game mechanics with defense against cvel (which is the current highest boss I can solo). The 5th job update and later the Override update for Maplestory made my buccaneer job really good, which improved my motivation to gain more range.

Aug 28
Helpingly avatar

Vids like this make me want to come back and play my bucc, but I feel too far behind now :c

1 Aug 30
privateereck avatar

@Helpingly I'm too lazy to train, and I've really only stuck long enough due to override giving the best buff to buccaneers since a while ago.

Aug 30
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