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I just started playing Breath of the Wild and found this shirt thing. That's so cool. I didn't even know about that, dood. I want one.

So far, at the start of the game, it was kind of boring, but the more I played it and made more progress, the better it was getting.
It really needs some Gaur Plain tunes in the background, I think that's why I thought it was so boring.

Nintendo Zelda

1 4 412 Nov 2017


syrup avatar

Oh awesome, that looks fun! I had to google Gaur Plain - what a chipper track, so JRPG. The tunes in BoW aren't that good then? How's the depth of play - is there a lot you can do or is it pretty linear?

2 Nov 2017
DeeMon avatar

@syrup There's barely any tunes at all, it's very silent. The world in Breath of the Wild is massively huge, you can do whatever you want in any order. There is definitely a lot to do.

I do have 3 complaints about this game though. First is the background music.
Second, durability on weapons. I was glad they removed this thing from some of the more recent Fire Emblem games, but now it's here. I don't like it.
Third, way too much open spaces with barely any enemies to fight. I dunno man. In Xenoblade Chronicles, there was always some giant monster in view of those open spaces to fight in those games.

Nov 2017
DeeMon avatar

One more thing, that stamina gauge. Hate it.

Nov 2017
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Enjoy your game! Enhance your gameplay by enjoying a bag of quinoa chips while you play!

Nov 2017
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