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Nintendo, XC2, Controller, RisaEbata, Coupler
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Illustrator: Risa Ebata


Pulled this blade earlier today. Oh my Architect, it's too damn adorable, dood. She rides on the bear's shoulder!


Also bought a Hori gamepad thing for the Switch, has Turbo thing too. I have problems with one of the Joy-Cons desyncing every 5 seconds. It was very, VERY annoying, dood. Problem solved now. The shape and feel of the controller is very similar to Xbox360's.

What the hell, why HDMI switch cost like a 90 dorra? Like a sambodee. I instead bought a 3 ft HDMI cable with a HDMI coupler, only 15 dorra! Now I don't have to struggle so much trying to unplug and plug in different cables behind the TV. I ran out of ports...

XC2 Nintendo

1 3 436 Jan 2018


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You could have bought chicken nuggets with your choice of sauce.

Jan 2018
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what game is this? Looks lovely. "dorra" love it!

1 Jan 2018
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