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Snow and ice and stuff. Don't know, this place looks pretty at night. And, you know, since it's winter...


I'm about 400 hours into this game. At first, it was very confusing as frick, but after a month or so, I kind of got the hang of it. So many weird stuff like aux cores, core chips, pouch setup, blade arts, driver combo finishers, affinity charts, core crystals, boosters, blade combos, merc missions, chain attack element burst thing, like what the frick is all this?

While Xenoblade Chronicles 2 solves some of the problems I had with Breath of the Wild (like stamina while climbing, no music, breakable weapons, empty fields/no enemies), it still has problems of its own.
Field skills. Why they do this? Do you know how annoying it is having to look through all your blades to find the right field skills to use in certain situations? Not only that, but when you have to use different sets of field skills in two or three times in a row. That's that bullbull. Frig off!
The compass this game uses. I don't like it, it's so crappy-like. What happened to the follow ball? That thing worked so well in XCX.
I think there's a couple more problems, but that's all I can think of for now.

I haven't beaten the game yet. There's a lot to do. Salvaging, quests, merc missions, completing all the rare blades' affinity chart, farming for stronger stuff, and more. I will say this, some of the blades in this game are so damn fine. What are blades? Blades are like Pyra. Like people, or something. I don't really know.
Oh yeah, KOS-MOS is in this game. I don't know much about her, but it seems like she's the best blade for some reason. She's from Xenosaga series, not sure how she got here. Why they do this? Now I want to buy and play Xenosaga and find out more about KOS-MOS.

In other news, I guess I'm buying Hyrule Warriors for the THIRD F#^&ING TIME AGAIN! JUST PORT ALL THE WII U GAMES TO THE SWITCH, NINTENDOOOOO!!1!1 That's okay! It's worth it to see Cia again. I'd definitely like to break her armor, too bad it's an FE Warriors thing.

XC2 Nintendo

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400 hours?? Wow, what's been so fun about it that you've been willing to put so much time in? Great screen - looks fun.

I hear you about porting...

11 Jan 15
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@captain 400-hours is a lot of time for a 6-week-period. The game of his topic came-out December 1st 2017 WW, which means only only 6-weeks have elapsed if theoretically he's been playing it since Release to present.
I can sink atleast 4-hours everyday to an MMO, accumulating 30+ hours every-week, which means 400-hours will take me roughly 13-weeks(or 3-months) - something he's able to achieve in about half the timeline it would have generally taken me. Which concludes he played it for atleast 8-hours everyday.

Jan 15 - Edited: Jan 15 2018
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@captain Well, it's not really my real play time, it's just what it says on my save file thing. 426 hours now. It's the merc missions, they can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to complete one. What merc missions are is, you can pick up to 6 blades to send them off to do the merc mission, and they later come back with gold, exp, merc points, and rewards. Can deploy up to 3 squads after getting a certain merc level thing. And then there's like salvaging and quests and trying to complete blades' affinity charts. I have left the game running while away from it so I can listen to the tunes in certain areas while I do something else. I still really like Gormott Province's tune, or as some would call it, Garanti Plain, the new Gaur Plain. And sometimes I fall asleep, and after an hour, the Switch sleeps too. I probably wouldn't say it's fun, it's more like addictive.

Jan 15
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@captain This is what an affinity chart looks like btw: Imgur
Almost done with Pyra(not really, that's actually going to take forever to complete).

Jan 15
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@DeeMon And I'm talking to a child. You called me "nerding-out" on a game when you actually put twice the effort as I do in regards to time. Get real with your jokes,.. as it is, you do not understand informations. If it says 400-hours in your in-game-playtime, you might have left it AFK while you fell asleep in some days, hence, those hours still contributed to the tracking of the machine. Who said it's "real-play-time-hours" when you are basing it from statistics of machine-tracked-hours? That's what it is, 400-hours in 6 or so weeks, whether you played it and AFKed it in some other time, it counts as tracked-hours to the machine. Only you could know how much of it is your "actual-played-hours" as you're the one who played it(it's not something that I'm disputing, in fact, I wasn't disputing anything,... just adding the info, until you threw me this nonsensical-insult).

Jan 15 - Edited: Jan 16 2018
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@Eternal Hey, relax guy. I guess I realistically played for 200 hours then. You happy now, crazy person?

Jan 15
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@DeeMon Are you serious? You told me to relax when you first called me "crazy"? I'm just giving my response to your comment.
Let's define what the term "crazy" is according to dictionary in terms of literary and formal-meaning. It means a person with deranged-thinking("deranged" meaning the antonym of arranged or having a sound-mind). Perhaps you are using it on me as a slang(or perhaps as an insult), because no way does that term literary pertain to me. I'm not going to exchange insults here, but you are acting here like a child. What kind of a response do you expect from me? The same-thing?

Jan 15
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@Eternal Well, you're definitely still weird for always deleting your stories, dood.

Jan 16
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@DeeMon Well, I have nothing to share right now, so better leave it blank just for this moment. Kind of wierd, yes, but right now, I have no stories to put on my permanent-archive. I plan to build them up in the future, but not now at this moment(it's not a good time). Some stories I recently make, are kind of "temporary", that's not something I wanna keep in my archive, but keep them for some duration of time and delete them just to show activity. My main topic of participation here is "games" really. Not until I can make progress on a new-game(that is still some time away from Release) can I truly start to build my archive.
Instead, I read other-stories and comment on them(atleast it shows activity here). I just said "400-hours is a lot of time for a 6-week-period". It's hard to comprehend texts, but I said it in a curious/interested-way, not doubtful-way.

Jan 16 - Edited: Jan 16 2018
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