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I finally done Lunatic difficulty for Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, and on Nintendo Switch's birthday too. Oh my Architect, why! I just need that one more play record for the last two trophies, then I'll finally complete this game. I need to play through the game a 3rd time for that last play record. F%#&.
I'm gonna try to attempt the restoration patch for my third playthrough. If I can't make it work, I'll just rush through it some other time later this year.


Itsuki > Marth



Should this game be ported to the Switch? Yes, only if they uncensor the game for the rest of the world. Even so, the Switch is still region free. We grown up, Nintendo. We ain't little kids no more.
How would the second screen work? Maybe a toggle button. I don't think this game uses + or - buttons, so they could make use of it.

Damn, Ms. Maiko, such a tease.

Nintendo TMS♯FE

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Congratulations! Celebrate with pork katsu with rice!

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This looks interesting. How is Lunatic mode different?

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@captain From what I can tell, enemies do more damage, have more HP(?), I think Savage enemies spawn more often, and something else. You can actually die during the prologue. Also can't transfer items, levels and everything else from previous save file, have to start from fresh.
This is why it's recommended to do Lunatic mode during the second playthrough, because it'll make the third playthrough easier since you can transfer all your stuff when selecting a lower difficulty.



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