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Sorry you did not like it, cheer yourself up with chicken teriyaki over rice!

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Oh why no likey?

2 2017-8-23
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@syrup Sorry for late reply, but basically, it's not the same Paper Mario that I remembered from the previous games. This one is too different, almost as if it rebooted the Paper Mario series. From what I can say from my own experience, you don't have to fight enemies if you don't want to, you get no experience points to level up anyway, there is no character level. You have to use stickers as attack commands, and it's very limiting to the amount of stickers you can carry with you, depending on how big the stickers and how many pages unlocked. They did fix the whole sticker problem with cards for Color Splash, but the paint is also a problem, you can run out and be left with colorless cards for weaker attack commands. The Museum in Sticker Star is a pain to navigate, thankfully they fixed Museum in Color Splash. There's no hints about what kinds of Things you should use for boss battles, again, they fixed this in Color Splash. Are you still reading? Well, to tell you my damned honest truth, I think this game is cursed! 5 years ago, when I played this game when it was still new, I suddenly attained bedbugs. It probably is a coincidence because anyone can just come in with bedbugs on their clothes and pass them on to someone else. Man, it was so hard to sleep! I had nervous breakdowns and stuff, it was as if I went crazy.

2017-8-30 (Edit: 2017-8-30)
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@syrup When I did stopped playing Sticker Star, I was finally able to get a new bed, and the bugs started to slowly die out. It still took a long time to get rid of them completely, because I had to keep an eye on the walls and floor and smash em up whenever I see them crawling. But yeah, because of Sticker Star, this game gave me horrible memories, and still a bad game itself. Now, that was 5 years ago, this year when I told myself I had to complete this game and be done with it, a lot of bad things happened again. My mother got sick because of the shingles virus, very serious btw, she's been in the hospital for the whole month of August. And then my dad had swollen feet because of some sepsis thing, I'm not completely sure what it is, but he can't even walk that fast anymore. He's currently on IV treatment and the nurse visits us everyday just to change the bag and check to see if everything is working fine. I've been crying a bit because my mom missed my birthday because she was in the hospital, sleeping. I'm suppose to celebrate my birthday with her, but not this year... So, after finally going through this cursed Sticker Star game and doing whatever needed to be done to see the end credits, a day later, my mom was able to open her eyes again. I tried to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to respond that often. She's slowly getting better as the days pass, so is my dad, he's starting to walk a bit faster too. This whole month of August, I had to do everything for my dad and sister. It wasn't the birthday that I expected, but I guess this sort of thing was going to happen eventually. I buried Paper Mario Sticker Star deep in my closet, where it never sees light ever again..