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National, Scallops, Mussels, Oysters, Baked
Scallops, Clams, Oysters, and Mussels !
EricBB: @EternalMemory are you Shanghainese? I live in NYC (east coast) so I like seafood too, and my parents are from Shanghai!
EternalMemory: I already mentioned it before I left BasilMarket and I kept on saying all the time; I am Cantonese by ethnicity(you can trace this on my Last-Name) but my parents are originally from Singapore(must be migrants!). EDIT: Cannot type in Chinese. It won't show here. Anyways, I do not know Cantonese at all nor do I speak it, but I'm fluent in Guoyu (Mandarin). In Shanghai, they have their own dialect called "Wu", but not many people from there speak it. You should do fine with Mandarin in Shanghai, Shanghai is Mandarin-speaking! You do not need to learn Shanghai-dialect, as I said before, it is not used much, in fact they are rarely used!
EricBB: @EternalMemory Oh, I know both dialects fluently, Shanghainese and Mandarin. I speak Shanghainese at home and was taught mandarin. Shanghainese is like my "secret language" which is why I continue to speak it. Whenver I meet a Chinese person I ask about their dialect and from there lots of deductions can be made!
National, Popcorn, Lovers, Day, HappyPopcorn
Buying the large popcorn at the movie theatre is really large !
syrup: omg, right? Talk about markup, *sigh* but sometimes you just need that unwind and to go large.
FriedClams: I do not watch movies in theatres. I get a bag of popcorn from the supermarket it is cheaper.
Cheesecake, Chocolate, National, Juniors, White
I love cheesecake especially from Juniors!
Gengar: Junior's is my all time favorite. Gonna ask for it for my birthday
FriedClams: @Gengar That is the best birthday gift to ask for!
Helpingly: @Gengar I'm a dirty West Coaster. All we have over here is Cheesecake Factory
National, Chobani, Yogurt, Snack, Day
What is your go-to snack !
FriedClams: My go to snack is popcorn!
Kaneki: god i hate chobani. idk if it's just me but like there's a really bad aftertaste that tastes like vomit.
DeeMon: I always run to a box of Pocky when I see them at Walmart, dood.
National, Pancake, Waffle, Day, PancakeDay
Pancake > Waffle !
RedEyed: Waffle>Pancake
Gengar: About to have blueberry pancakes rn
FriedClams: I have not had pancakes in a while. They are delicious!
National, Chowder, Cream, Clam, Day
Cream or Chowder !
FriedClams: In San Francisco, I saw clam chowder food carts that offered the chowder in a bread bowl!
Raginroxas: That looks soooo good!
National, Potato, Sweet, Cook, Taro
Sweet Potatos, Yam, or Taro ?
Gengar: I love putting a sweet potato in the oven. That natural sweetness.
syrup: this could very well be the most positive discussion and outpouring of support ever over a sweet potato. Mark the date.
EricBB: i love the aroma that fills the entire kitchen when cooking a sweet potato
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