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Damn, dood. I actually found one (more like 5) today! And here I am thinking that I won't get one until around Xmas. Nintendo finally getting their poop together. If only it were the same for amiibo... NOW WHAT SCALPERS!? YOU GO TO HELL! YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!


In other news, I was in a weird dilemma. It was something about the Kingdom Hearts collection things only for PS4. I was thinking about buying a PS4 just for that, but I still want an Xbox One for Rare Replay and Killer Instinct. And then I saw that Minecraft crossplay video that Nintendo put up on their channel. It was like Xmas in summer. After watching that video, frig it, I'm going for the Xbox One. I don't want to keep buying the same games over and over again, and for what? Improved graphics, that's all. Hell, my photographic memory doesn't even have good graphics.

Also, going to the dentist sucks, dood. My teeth hurt.

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185 Jun 29

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