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Pokemongo, Mobile, Pokemon, Johto
Pokemon Go added Johto but they're still blocking rooted phones so I can't play pokemongo Mobile
WatchGintama: @captain It did die down. There's no trading or 1v1 battling or any of the real pokemon gameplay. It's ingress with pokemon and got boring really quick.
Helpingly: I'm so excited @WatchGintama Yeah there was a lot of hype, but many still play it. Also, apparently with this update they are introducing one of the features you mentioned, my guess would be trading. All speculation though.
Playing, Mobile
captain: *sigh* the addiction factor is quite strong on some games, you kind of have to feel for people. :/
FriedClams: At first glance, I thought you spent $1,000 on the game. This is why I play Scrabble. It is free to play while I chase after an elusive win. Fun fact: $1,000 will buy 925 orders of 6 piece nuggets for $1 at McDonalds with his/her choice of sauce!
Kaneki: omg i saw the article for that this morning
Playing, Mobile, PC, Bluestacks, Games
Memu is an android emulator for PC. It has the best compatibility I've tried... and doesn't have bloatware like bluestacks. Highly recommended for android games on PC. playing Mobile PC
captain: not an emulator, per se, but have you tried Remix OS?
WatchGintama: @captain nope, have read about it though. Mainly I just use emulators to play games rather than an OS.
Playing, Playing, Mobile, Download, Freemium
QooApp is a foreign game app store. It lets you download freemium non-paid games without worrying about region lock. playing Mobile
WatchGintama: Here's the correct link: https://apps.qoo-app.com/en
Playing, Mobile, Messenger
mystic messenger is my heaven. i love this boy playing Mobile
3 7
FriedClams: He has a bag of chips!
Kaneki: @friedclams drumroll please!! the all famous.. �--�니버터칩! http://img.koreatimes.co.kr/upload/newsV2/images/bs450450.jpg
jadegraham: This plan allows hotspot and rolling over data for a month. <a href='http://phoneholder.co/'>phone holder car</a>
Playing, Mobile, DestinyChild, Screenshot, OBS
Destiny Child is out! Here's a screenshot instead of a video because my OBS settings weren't correct... playing Mobile
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WatchGintama: @captain Don't know any Korean besides food. Playing JP/KR games is learning the gameplay, menu, etc by trying or clicking stuff and remembering what it does. But you miss out on a lot of the story of games.
captain: Seriously? You don't know any Korean? Never thought to pick up the alphabet and learn the odd word here and there? It looks very doable given the time. Would surely make it more enjoyable? :)
WatchGintama: @captain You're right, I should learn it someday. I did listen to a Learn Korean podcast before and picked up a few terms. I'm learning Mandarin right now too.
Not sure how many of you guys know this. But there's a PokeGo event right now that gives you double the candy for everything you do. It also features increased spawn rates for certain "spooky" Pokemon.
3 2
captain: thanks for the heads up! Curious how many people are still playing PokeGo? Good replayability?
Weeaboo: Dunno if that warrants me a return to PoGo doe :^)
Playing, Mobile, Dorky, Games
I don't take enough time to play games, but I love Ridiculous Fishing! So much fun. I love the ability to buy power ups and explore different areas, find new fish. Sounds dorky, but highly enjoyable! playing Mobile
Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale Of Redemption - Release Trailer - Vimeo
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