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The similarities between Dragon Quest Builders and Minecraft are unavoidable. Honestly, I find it borderline shameful, but I love the DQ / DW world so much I'm hard-pressed to ignore my gut reaction. Any of you into this kind of thing?


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Yes, I am in to that kind of thing very very much! Many games right now incorporates Minecraft's Sandbox-building-innovation and terrain-procedural-generation, not just this game, and they have improved in it. The game "Boundless" (formerly Oort Online) incorporates slope-surface-area to a block and can change the degree of slope(a right-triangle with a rise and run). Some games like Dual Universe have taken it beyond, 25cm is the smallest-voxel and you can further sculpt any voxels in to details to create geometries like this Imgur
If I have a choice between Minecraft with just cube-blocks with all blocks having similar-size(just different texture) and another-Sandbox-game with a more complex and extensive Sandbox-building-mechanics, I'll choose the later.
I am in to Sandbox, and the game I'm moving to, "is" a Sandbox.

2017-12-21 | Edited: 2017-12-21
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I would like a game where people can build a restaurant, design their own menu, and each of the food items do different things for players. It is similar to alchemy only with food!

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